Jayell  Rub Club of the Month

Jayell Smoke House is one of Michigans top 5 BBQ companies (Channel 4- WDIV 2016). Our clients, both local to Michigan and across the country who have tasted our homemade BBQ sauce and rubs with our catering  have asked us to star selling both the sauce and rubs online.  So they can experience the taste right in their own backyards. Jayell Rub Club is a way of being able to get a new flavor of rubs each month with our traditional rubs, along with our seasonal and limited edition rubs. 


About our BBQ Sauce

Jayell Smoke House has been developing a BBQ sauce for over 3 years.  Jayell has created some very unique flavors.  From Root beer to his number 1 flavor Belle Isle Red.

There are many styles of BBQ sauce from South Carolina style (mustard base), to Kansas City style (tomato-molasses base sauce). Jayell's BBQ Sauce is  a Detroit style sauce. Our sauce is a pop base in some to a water base for others.  Jayell's BBQ sauce would be described as a thinner sauce. Behind the developement of this sauce, it was for topping pulled pork. But with the unique flavors and they styel of the sauce it has been great on other meats.  So use this sauce on anything from pulled pork to chicken, even top your mac n cheese!

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